Join us this year, June 19-23!  It's never too late to register your child, grand-child, nieces or nephews!  Contact Carol Hollich or Sally DeJesus for more information!

Choir Camp has a long and distinguished history at Trinity.  Beginning in the summer of 1974 with the musical “100% Chance of Rain”, the kids of Trinity have looked forward to this annual event! In 2015… Trinity’s Rockin’ Music Camp was held from June 15 to 19.  But Trinity’s summer camp is always  about more than music…

Morning rallies featured singing, scriptures for the day, special announcements and were led by Julia Evans and Pastor Lynn Hackman. 

In Heroes of the Bible, the kids learned (from George Hollich and his helpers) stories about five Bible Celebrities – Joshua, David, Josiah, Daniel and friends, and Jonah. They also had visits from Warren Parks (veteran), Rev. Dr. John Carter (the role of King David), Roxanne Miller (Milton Hershey School), Scott Daub & Don Steiner, Sr. (firefighters), and Pastor Lynn (a Servant of the Lord). 

A variety of crafts for a celebration event held for families of the campers and the community on Friday evening were made throughout the week. They featured jewelry creations with instruction from Lori Grandi, and the making of instruments and tie-dyed T-Shirts with assistance from Barb Querry and her helpers.

Snacks and daily treats were provided by Joyce Dissinger and helpers, and hot lunches each day were prepared by Dave and Barb Wallett, Jack and Dea Kishpaugh, and a number of church volunteers. 

Of course a highlight of any music camp is learning how to sing, dance, and play musical instruments. The songs this year were led by Carol Hollich, Caroline Jacobs and helpers.  A special instrumental class was held where the kids learned how to play the piano, xylophones, guitar, and chimes.  This neat experience was the creation of Caroline Jacobs, Carol Hollich, Molly Barahona, and Pastor Lynn Hackman.  Student leaders were Annika Evans and Alexis Geist. Vicki Rivera brought members of her Liturgical Dance Troupe from Nuevo Nacimiento to teach the campers a dance. 

Sally DeJesus and helpers led a variety of afternoon activities themed on the Olympics.  Sally’s unique events featured relays, games, and group competitions that utilized props and supplies that included everything but the kitchen sinkJ

We thank the leaders and the 23 youth that made Trinity’s Rockin’ Music Camp in 2016  a resounding success. We especially thank Sally DeJesus for providing the leadership for this huge project and can’t wait to see what happens in 2017!.


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