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COVID 19 Posts

For Sunday, March 22nd - Compassionate Response to Bigoted Comments Leads to Unexpected Friendship.  Another lesson from The Wired Word which I found to be a bit more engaging than last week's.  You can read it here.   I'm hoping to start loading video in the near future, but must relearn some old skills I've not used in a while.  Please stay tuned, stay safe, and keep thanking God for his presence and love. ​

For Sunday, March 15th - 'Being the Church' During the Pandemic.  I've uploaded a study from The Wired Word, who distributed two free lessons for use since Covid 19 has closed many of our churches for the time being.  I would encourage everyone to take a look at it, and work on it over the next week.  Hopefully, you'll find it enlightening, and although it's no substitute for worship, it just might get us all thinking this week.  You can find that lesson here.