"study" snacks for college students.

Bertha Risser Scholarship


​We are collecting various snacks and other goodies - post-its, pens, pencils, etc. to send to the students of Trinity who are currently enrolled in college.  Donations of items can be brought to the church - monetary donations can be placed in the offering and specified for COLLEGE STUDENTS.  Just a little reminder during finals that they are thought of and loved!

Application forms for the Bertha Risser Scholarhip are now available in the church office.

The following requirements must be met in order to be considered for the scholarship:

  1. Active member of Trinity UMC, Lebanon, PA a minimum of two years membership and participates in the life of the church.
  2. Must be enrolled in a College, Vocational School, or Advanced School with these goals and requirements: a. GPA 2.5 or better (must provide documentation), b.goal of Associates Degree or equivalet, c. must have completed a minimum of one year of advanced school, beyond high school
  3. Applications are due in the church office by September 30, 2015.


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