Mission Central is the mission warehouse of the Susquehanna Conference of the United Methodist Church. Since it’s beginning in 2002, Mission Central has had 3 points of focus: Disaster Response, Mission Outreach and Mission Education.  The main goal of Mission Central was centralization and unification of the mission work of the various churches in the Conference.  Mission central now has ministry partners that include Bethesda Mission, Computer Ministry, UMCOR, New Digs, and Project C.U.R.E., and partners with more than 80 other ministries throughout PA and around the world.

     Mission Central has hosted thousands of volunteers who come to experience being “the hands and feet of God” in service.  With our volunteers, we process United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) kits of various types (School, Birthing, Health, Sewing, etc.) for use all around the world, as well as provide supplies of all types needed for local, national and international ministries and assist countless projects that are sending God’s love around the world.  Working in concert with other denominational and nondenominational programs, and as a member of the UMCOR Relief Supply Network, Mission Central has been able to provide aid for people affected by every major weather event since 2002.


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     HUBs were created in February of 2007. A HUB is a smaller version of Mission Central, directed and managed by people feeling called to expand our outreach. An initial vision of an 8-site HUB system has grown into a network of 29 facilities with more soon to come!  The two HUBs closest to Trinity are the Lebanon HUB, housed at Covenant UMC, and the Cleona HUB, housed at Immanuel UMC.   Each HUB is free and encouraged to determine the scope of its individual ministry, based on the facility space they have, the number of volunteers available and the interests and service focus that is most important to that HUB location.

     Most HUBs collect and assemble UMCOR Kits that are used for response to disaster and in support of mission work, locally, nationally and internationally.  They have volunteer hours where people or groups can come to complete hands on work to contribute to the mission.

     HUBs seek volunteers of all ages…from schools, senior centers, other churches, etc. and train them to complete whatever job is waiting to be done.  This includes the collecting, sorting, packing and distribution of aid materials (such as the various buckets and kits used by UMCOR), and items used at Mission Central (such as household items, toys, educational items, or whatever the current mission calls for).  HUBs also ship these items to Mission Central for inclusion into larger shipments for use outside of the HUB’s immediate area

     HUBs may also serve as a holding center for emergency relief supplies used for immediate distribution during times of natural disaster. At those times, HUBs will also act as receiving points for shipment from Mission Central for use in the HUB’s immediate area.  Every HUB shares the common value of fellowship, service to God and service to others as their primary focus.

     Trinity continually contributes to the mission of Mission Central, and works with the Lebanon HUB to help supply whatever materials or goods are being collected at any given time.  It is our goal to always be collecting for Mission Central's or the HUB's current mission, and to ensure the people of Trinity are always aware of how they can help with this important mission.

     In November of 2006, Mission Central began to search for a way to enable persons from the more distant regions of our Conference to be able to participate in the kind of volunteer and service activities experienced in Mechanicsburg, without having to travel so far.