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Sunday, 9:15 a.m.  - Traditional Worship
     This service consists of a traditional liturgy, prayer, scripture, and hymns and choir anthems.  Preaching is biblically based.



     Worship?  Why bother?  We all know people who eschew worship, preferring instead to take a walk in the woods with their dog, go fishing, or sleep in late, claiming they can worship just fine wherever they are.  But we question whether God can be honored, glorified and worshiped well while their attention is drawn away from the Numinous to their dog, their fish, or their pillow.  We believe in corporate worship with others in a sacred place because it is there that you can find focus, relationship with God, and connection with one another.  Worship should be transforming.  You should not leave worship the way you came in.

     We don't offer theatrics, light and visual displays, a production or giveaway gimmicks.  We follow a simple yet profound formula for worship that has worked for the entire history of the church--entrance, welcoming, proclamation, prayer, thanksgiving, and going forth.  We celebrate the two sacraments of The United Methodist Church--baptism and communion.  We honor commitment, obedience to God, and service--to God, to one another, and to those we don't know and never will.

     We value the study of God's word and it is our desire than whomever worships with us will care enough about their relationship with God and their own spiritual development to attend at least one small group study per week.  Through study we learn from each other, share experiences, form relationships with one another, and learn to love as Jesus loved.  

     This is what we believe.